Episode 12 Part 08

Look it up!

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36 Responses to Episode 12 Part 08

  1. Cute_shit says:

    Let him kill them! let him kill them!

  2. Hat says:

    /looked it up

    :O :O :O
    awww snap

  3. Myshka says:


  4. doodlelover says:

    OMG sfklan;slfasf XDDDD HISTORY REFERENCES YAY. And those faces, my god. Black you are perfection, let no one tell you otherwise.


  5. Finntroll says:

    Why am I okay with catamite?

  6. Setsuna says:

    Ha ha Black is totally a catamite XD it’s so perfect XD ~<3

  7. Rainbows says:

    I had a feeling I knew what it meant… And then I was gloriously correct.

  8. Fire-chan says:

    I have a “school” computer (a mac ;P) and checked it up D:
    They’re SO going to take back my computer TwT

  9. Amio says:

    Looked it up. Lol’d hard.

  10. Demerots says:

    Googled it. Nice. Team Plasma grunts are remarkably well-educated, apparently.
    (Also I just beat White’s story mode, and I already miss N.)

  11. LemonLime~ says:

    I was one step ahead XD

    Me and my friend were reading the new ones and I said What’s a catamite(I always ask her because I dont know anything XD srsly) and she said urbandictionary it and I did then we read the caption and laughed XD

  12. Marecki says:

    Ha ha ha I wasn’t expecting that

  13. CoP says:

    …there is way simpler words to use. I guess literature is all team plasma’s got. XP

  14. Shadowfox says:

    That fits Black perfectly. >:D

  15. I looked it up. Lolz ensued. I am drinking juice. :D

  16. AmiBunny says:

    Looked it up. All I have to say is that when I read the meaning, I was thinking ‘BlackisgonnakillthemBlackisgonnakillthemBlackisgonnakillthem’ over and over again XD
    And I must say that I nearly chocked, I was drinking Fanta at that moment, never tasted the same since then ;-;
    Though it’s not true in my opinion, he isn’t :P

  17. Pikachufan says:

    Looked it up, wish I hadn’t looked it up. Lol greco-roman lifestyle, now I’m reminded of the movie Troy, and Achilles’ “cousin”.

  18. Lynnyliz says:

    I knew what it meant because a student in my 12th grade Latin class brought Catullus 16 for us to translate. The teacher was…. wonderfully good-humored, for a teacher.

    Also this is my first comment but I LOVE YOU FOR THESE <3

  19. Ethan Edwards says:

    Catamite is Black. Missingno totally knows what it means.

  20. Jessie says:

    lmfao i looked up the definition and couldn’t stop laughing. I couldn’t even tell my friend what it meant when she oh so conveniently called me as i looked it up XDD (it took me several tries) I had tears in my eyes man- THAT’S how hard i was laughing!!!

    god i love this comic sooooo much~~

  21. Vivian says:

    Did… Did Joseph just call Black a catamite…? Haha.

  22. Kelsey says:

    Kill them. Because seriously. Who would care?

  23. Person who screams MISSINGNOCYCLE in random places says:

    What a lovely way to hold a sword there, Joe.

  24. Lambo says:

    Cheren is Alder’s catamite. *shot*

    Damn you. Fuckin’ with my OTPs. I’M SO CONFUSED. In the meantime I’ll read Pod’s dialogue in a Jack Atlas/Australian accent.

    • Kurapikachu says:

      That is awesome… The part about the accent, that is. Not sure how I feel about alder and cheren. I’d rather someone less burly. Maybe grimsley?

  25. Greener says:

    LOL Catamite thing is funny because Black is N’s slave

  26. So I guess that mean N is Zeus?

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