Episode 11 Part 08



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21 Responses to Episode 11 Part 08

  1. rawkstarvienna says:


  2. hilliean says:

    what in the world could black rely on if a MissingNo.’s blade does not destroy things at the first shot?

  3. LemonLime~ says:

    …When did Black get 2 Missingno’s? XD

  4. Rickcha says:

    Now we get to see the power the other stocking has, awesome

  5. Shadowfox says:

    Dem legs. Hot fuck, that is just too sexy.

  6. Manna says:

    B-black’s… Black’s naked legs…
    /wipes off drool

  7. lovefiregoesga says:

    I think Black might need som more socks ;P

  8. Setsuna says:

    OMG yes both stocking usage! Black looks bad ass using two swords XD

  9. Chiaroscuro says:

    you spelled cannon wrong

    • Black says:

      Ah, so I did :u
      Unfortunately, there are a lot of mistakes I gotta get around to fixing,
      not to mention some name-changing jaghchjxg

  10. Chris Nemo says:

    Lol, motion blur…

  11. Jessie says:

    duel sword-wielding Black- niiiiiiice

    ahjsdahjsaf DEM LEGS~

  12. betawatcher says:

    Black here reminds me of Yosuke… I LIKE BOTH OF THEM SO MUCCCH

  13. Sadie says:

    And now he has no stockings? XD

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