Episode 11 Part 03

Oh look, I’m updating :v

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16 Responses to Episode 11 Part 03

  1. Marecki says:


  2. Ophelia says:

    DAW black looks so squishable when he’s blushing


  3. Shadowfox says:

    Would BLack like to hold hands with Arti? Yes.

    Would N like Black to hold Arti’s hand? Not at all.

  4. Rainbows says:

    3rd panel, hand off screen. Are they holding hands!?!?! o////o

  5. KidSquish says:

    Alexandre…He stares into your soul.

  6. ckr-the-cat says:

    Why is everyone on this page so adorable?

  7. Setsuna says:

    Awww Black’s scared, his cute admiration is so adorable!! And YES another broadcast!!! XD

  8. Blue Rose says:

    I adore how Black is starting to like Arti.

    But then again, who wouldn’t. Dat ass is FIIIIINE.

  9. Jessie says:

    DO IT MAN!!! YOU DONT KNOW IF YOU’LL EVER GET THE CHANCE AG- oh wait, too late N’s back *snaps fingers*

  10. Nadira says:

    Proud N is proud. X’D …Aww man, I love ur story and ur drawings!! <3

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