Episode 10 Part 11

Aaaaand that’s all I was able to finish this weekend;;;  I should have the rest of this episode done by Wednesday, and hopefully won’t fall behind next week… Though I’ll be attending the Pokemon Mall Tour in Arcadia on Saturday. If you wanna see me in person, good luck :u

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75 Responses to Episode 10 Part 11

  1. Bani says:

    hdgjlskjhflds that White is so pretty ;;;;

  2. Ophelia says:


    man if I was white and I walked like that I’d either think EEEE WHO WOULD DO THAT FOR ME?? ;—-; or … HOLY CRAP, I’M BEING STALKED???!!

  3. ShihFu says:

    Good god, how do you find the time. Did you use the glorious stringy brush for her hair? And I hope you finished your manikin paintings.

  4. ShihFu says:

    HOLY SHIT, SON. You best be done by those on Wednesday because that’s when I plan on painting them. I should be done with Illustration painting crap by tomorrow (actually today). Only acrylic opaque exercise left, don’t know why I did it out of order, so I’ll drop off the stuff in about 12 hours from now, hurr. By the way, I’ve spent fucking 25 hours so far on this shit.

  5. derp says:

    oh uh. i’ll be at the arcadia pokemon tour too on saturday. …. i’ll spot you. somehow. (only not sob.)

  6. XieRH says:

    How does hahakomori hold a spray can lol

  7. Dynus says:

    Loving it!

  8. Lohenbach says:

    This is pretty baller.

  9. Deses says:

    Too bad N is gonna cover it.
    Or maybe it’s Hitler.

  10. Shadowfox says:

    Pretty White is pretty. So pretty.

  11. Dynus says:

    Holy crap. Just had a thought. That’s Hitler yelling “You!” isn’t it?

  12. Marecki says:

    DAT White!
    I just love their outfits.

    I bet it’s N or Hitler who’s saying “YOU!”

    Or maybe Soulja boy

  13. Open-your-Heart says:

    OH GOD.
    That better be N.
    In a bikini >_<;;

  14. Omnis says:

    My goodness this is the most amazing portrayal of White I have ever seen 0u0

  15. Shinobigoomba says:

    that White is amazing…
    also is that a Kamitsure/Arti reference I see there?

  16. KidSquish says:

    *le gasp* CLIFFHANGER!

  17. Manna says:

    Pretty White. :D
    Uh oh, who could that be? :Ta

  18. Tobi says:

    *gets directions to Arcadia from where I live*

    ….6 hours away….


  19. Rainbows says:


  20. Shujinko says:


  21. PlasmaKing_N says:

    Oh my goodness. I’ll be in ARCADIA TOOOOOO!!! I’ll make a sign… ;0;

  22. hilliean says:

    *Hitler with paint and brush”
    “HOW DARE YOU!!”

    please please PLEASE

  23. Courtney says:

    >”I speak from experience”
    Is there going to be some Burgh/Elesa (or Arty/Kamitsure, whichever) in here because if there is I might have to hug you and never let go.

    Also the drawing of White there is incredible oh my god

  24. WZD says:


  25. rawkstarvienna says:

    *stares at Kamitsure/Arti reference* I LOVE YOU BLACK, PLEASE MARRY ME.


    That White is super pretty. Yay!!

    …Black, why the hell do you attract random older men? HONESTLY. XDDD

  26. PlasmaKing_N says:

    It’ll be easy to spot me since I’ll be dressed up as N…. ;u; I must make my wig perfect nowww…. The presssuuurrreeee…. ;A;

  27. Open-your-Heart says:

    On a Beach Party in February.

  28. Yami says:

    Pretty *-*

  29. Setsuna says:

    I will be at the mall too, how will I recognize you? or find you? From what time to what time will you be there? OH GOD!! I want to see you my friends will be so jelly if I do! and btw awesome white, so beautiful!! ha ha is it N is he talking to the white painting XD <3

    • Black says:

      I wasn’t able to stay there long, and I wasn’t cosplaying, so I didn’t stand out.
      Unless you caught someone posting post-its all over the place. That was me~

  30. Nonakans says:

    Am I the only one hoping for more JRSF referance and want the Rekakku{sp?} police to show up?
    ‘ A’;;

  31. Custards says:

    Apparently everyone went to that. ;; So sad that I don’t live there, aaaah.
    Was it really awesome…? :c

    • Black says:

      I couldn’t stay for much, and the line to win prizes was 2 hours long.
      But I had fun entertaining the children with drawings, and I met one of my fans.
      That was pretty cool :y

  32. MijumaruRocks says:

    I wanted one of your notes you left around the mall!!!D: too bad they took them down. Where you dressed as Black with a group of people that looked like Bianca and other characters?

  33. Amio says:

    I’m really liking this episode. Plus, I wish that I could have been at that mall and snagged one of your drawings. But I don’t live anywhere near that mall. Feels ban man…

  34. Duelsoul says:

    I luffles your artwork so
    Keep up the wonderful work

  35. PikaMallows says:

    White looks extremely gorgeous~

  36. Jessie says:

    White looks amazing ^^

  37. demerots says:

    Maybe it’s the lips, but that reminds me of something. I have no idea what.

  38. Irene Kim says:

    Omg i tooootally saw that on DA today XDDDD

  39. solitaybird says:

    Oh, what a beautiful drawing. *O*

  40. Syrika says:

    And you still leave ambiguous how good of an artist you REALLY are. O.O

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