Episode 10 Part 03

Pendra=Pendora=Pandora Radio. LOGIC!

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28 Responses to Episode 10 Part 03

  1. Shadowfox says:

    Fuck yeah, Pantslizard.

  2. Ophelia says:

    He’s smoking.

  3. Ophelia says:

    I MEAN, UH, smokin’. /headdesk

  4. rawkstarvienna says:

    Pantslizard + Pandora/Pendora = WIN.

  5. Shinobigoomba says:

    I fuckyeah’d at pantslizard.

  6. kaelle says:


  7. WZD says:

    Renaming my zuruzukin pantslizard now.

  8. hilliean says:

    mon so kewl its now my new radio liek see?
    so chill

  9. Enny says:

    Definitely not naming my pantslizard DJ now

  10. Elliebot says:

    You have no idea how much I love you for incorporating JSRF into your already awesome comic. <3

  11. MyuuTheMew says:

    OH MY GOD…

  12. Shadowfyst997 says:

    This whole episode is going to make me want to go play JSRF isn’t it -.-

  13. Kirino says:

    :3 lol this manga rocks. This page reminds me of the new MCR and the Doctor Death Defying stuff… Idk why. :3 Totally keep it up these are funny as hell! :D

  14. Jessie says:

    heheh listening to Teknopathetic ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6lEm2ei3Kg&feature=related ) as I read this page. lovin DJ Pantslizard K

  15. Siera says:

    Maaan, N’s belly sure is delicious.

  16. Akai says:

    listening to pandora radio right now…

  17. derpysnivy says:

    Black: “my thingy’s picking up some signal”
    Me: what kind of thingy hurrrrr

  18. Digit says:

    Dude, you are blowing my heart up with nostalgia.
    I LOVE IT.

  19. I’ll admit, your webcomic has gotten me liking the Scraggy/Scrafty line now.

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