Episode 09 Part 15

ShihFu and I went through a whole list of songs N could sing, and in the end, I decided not to draw that part. There are just still too many options, BUT I really like this one ShihFu found SO LISTEN TO IT AND PRETEND IT’S N.


The song’s pitch is lowered to sound like a guy, and it actually turned out pretty good I think. The results are usually really faggy, depending on how feminine the girl’s voice is. I tried doing that to Panty and Stocking songs. That turned out hilariously bad.


Oh, I almost forgot to mention that N’s outfit is Envy Adams’ from Scott Pilgrim.

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76 Responses to Episode 09 Part 15

  1. derp says:

    how’s the breeze down south, N?
    oh whatever i have so much more i could say but that song is stuck in my head now. OHHHHHHH KISS MEEEEEEE~♪

  2. ViDez says:

    Dammit! Cliffie! D:

    >N’s dress <3

  3. Maruko says:

    don’t need to feel weird, N-chan….
    some breeze on south never hurt anyone… XD

  4. Finntroll says:

    N is gonna choke… Like the sound my friend make while watching A Serbian Film.

  5. Shadowfox says:


  6. Shadowfox says:

    And that song is FABULOUS.

  7. totori says:

    Gah, I kind of can imagine N singing that song.
    Also, Black’s reaction if he saw it. LOL

  8. Maa says:

    N is too cute to compute, god, unnnnnnnnnnnnnf

  9. Marecki says:


  10. Ophelia says:

    AUUUUGGGHHHHHH //////////////

    ok scratch what I said earlier. the last panel is the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen.

    ///// ;;

  11. Ophelia says:

    SCOTT PILGRIM TOO I MEAN GEEZ scott pilgrim is awesome but + N = SOOO COOOOOOLLL

  12. Dusa says:

    Wahhh you make me want to take N home and never let him free! ;~;

  13. Panda says:

    Thank you for making a awesome webcomic that is so awesome Ç_Ç

    Really… thank you. Really.

  14. ycart says:

    This webcomic got me into N. I didn’t like him before this, but now I love him sooo much. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to every week, also. :3 Nothing better than getting to see N and/or Black in woman’s clothing once a week. :D

  15. rawkstarvienna says:

    Envy Adams’ wardrobe is so badass. So N wearing her dress is SUPER BADASS.

    God, that’s hot. XD And the song just got bombarded with comments from us Black Adventures freaks.


  16. Manna says:

    FFFFFF, dat SONG

  17. Daisuke says:


  18. Maruko says:

    and again i show the world than i’m not that smart…
    still, he don’t need to be nervous: The song is good, he looks fabulous with the dress…
    and, which kind of live he was living before meet Black? that was bugging me since some chapters ago….=/

  19. hilliean says:

    oh god, if only it wasn’t just the dress
    I’m expecting moar scott pilgrim references.


  20. SO KISS MEEEE says:

    Huh oh god my mind
    It is throwing a party so hard woah woah WOAH

    N, why are you so beautiful? ;m;

  21. Orange_Drake says:

    He’s so cute! *melts*

  22. Ashi-bit says:

    HNNNNNG!! that song really suits him I can really imagine him singing it,your friend’s a genious, btw I like that song and now I will imagine N singing it lol

  23. Dvandemon says:

    Hmm, Envy Adams, “OH YEAH?”

  24. WZD says:


  25. Omnis says:

    Envy Adams?
    In my Pokemon?

    You. Me. This Bed. NOW.

  26. Custards says:

    You are the best ever for putting him in that outfit. <3 You have no idea.
    and the song. loling for eternity. It actually turned out pretty good, though. c:

  27. Setsuna says:

    Nooo N you are no suppose to sing without Black *pouts* Oh well N singing would still be super awesome!! ha ha oh N are you getting butterflies? Oh no cramps? Hurry Black come outside N is in trouble XD ha ha oh N you have wormed and crawled and whined your way into my heart! <3

  28. Marcio says:

    I made a mp3 of the song in case anyone wants it. It comes with lyrics and the pic of N singing is the album art.


    Anyone can download it.

  29. doodlelover says:

    You have convinced me to make a fanvid to that song for N and Black.


  30. Domo says:

    For some reason…..N in that dress….reminds me of drag queens… IDK

  31. Suzana says:

    Third to last N=

  32. Reita93 says:

    Ahwww! N is so cute at the end! <3

  33. Jessie says:

    omigod I love this song (its on my ipod). I also luv N’s Envy Adams dress (saw the movie 3 times and couldnt stop listening to that Metric song ^^; )

  34. Emily says:

    Why am I turned on by this? xD

  35. Angel says:

    I swear N is god. Hes cute, smexy, and omg i love him. He can sing amazingly, great penmanship, and paint beautiful works of art with one spray can….and he can make “straight” men fall head over poke-balls over him. He’s like Fabio, yes, Fabio.

  36. Cyrus says:

    OMG You’re a scott pilgrim fan as well? :O

  37. CherE(n)dgeworth says:

    Got the Pilgrim reference imediately. WHY DIDNT YOU MAKE HIM SING FRIEND OF A FRIEND BY ENVY ADAMS?!?!?!?!?!??!? > ~ <

  38. Herp the Derp says:


  39. CHAOS_FANTAZY says:

    You’re going onstage dressed like a girl to sing with two attractive women.
    Feeling weird is natural, silly N.

  40. Samantha says:

    DAMN. That’s some good singing, N. :D

  41. Lambo says:

    I want N to be a KISS rocker like Grandpa Rome. IN HELL, THE LOVERS ARE CHEREN. Owait.. That doesn’t sound bad.

  42. Purple-The-Assassin says:

    Well considering hes cross dressing in a very and I mean VERY skimpy dress and is about to sing a song thats supposed to be sung by a girl of course he’s going to feel wierd

  43. spiritninetails says:

    I knew I knew that dress from somewhere….
    Your style and some of black’s poses reminded me of Scott Pilgrim. >.<

  44. Alvin the Aerial Ace says:

    Why not the song Black Sheep by Metric?

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