Episode 09 Part 03

N has never been invited to a party.

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24 Responses to Episode 09 Part 03

  1. Shadowfox says:

    Poor N-kun. I’ll throw you a party… no, then I’d do bad things to you. Never mind.

  2. k says:

    @last panel

  3. lana says:


    Ash is forever 10.

  4. Ophelia says:



    how old is N anyway I wonder hrm WE’LL JUST HAVE TO THROW HIM A PERPETUALLY BIG PARTY

  5. hilliean says:

    that doesn’t count.
    It’s Japan.

  6. Enny says:

    bawwww, N’s like a mom away from home

  7. hilliean says:

    that’s not what I-

  8. jayex says:

    first time i read it i thought it said
    “some religions allow kids as young as 10 to leave home”

  9. Setsuna says:

    Ha ha lol N’s face in the last panel made me lol so hard, it is so intense XD Awww ash you have been ten for like thirteen years.

  10. Jakeo says:

    @Setsuna. BW is gonna be the fourteenth season. And when I saw the first episode, I was like, “ASH YOU’VE BEEN 10 YEARS OLD SINCE I WAS JUST A BABY. GROW THE FUCK UP.”

  11. Suzana says:

    We will throw a party for N.

  12. Suzana says:

    I meant tea, not medicine.

  13. Catywampus says:

    oak: here take this baby animal and go abuse other animals, as well as use them to earn your living cause your too old for child labor, and to young for job, and then enslave them in these ity bity balls, all at the age of ten. oh yea and YOU WILL NEVER AGE >8D also go beat u those people called rocket that are trying to stop us.
    ash: okay :3 herp derp

  14. Stikkr says:

    It’s kind of hard to see N as older than Black when they’re drawn in the same style.

    Oh well.

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