Episode 08 Part 10

Step Form dresses so scandalously.

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24 Responses to Episode 08 Part 10

  1. Shadowfox says:

    Step form be trippin’.

  2. rawkstarvienna says:

    Step form is going to kill them.

    Black, go kill her. GO GO GO!

  3. Rickcha says:

    Ha, “minus the ‘boy’ part”

  4. hilliean says:

    black is going wild
    shit got real

  5. Setsuna says:

    Oh man she is asking for it, Black does not like to be called a girl XD ha ha “I had plenty of time while you were touching yourselves” Oh naughty boys ^^;

  6. Drake says:

    They need to go super sayan, their drag levels are over 9000!

  7. Azalee says:

    *rereading the battle scenes just for N’s adorable face and head-tilt when he shoots.*

    *also for the drag, o.c.*

  8. Suzana says:

    Oh. Gurl. You didn’t go there.

  9. ChReNiC says:

    I guess that Black is going to need…


    …some Aloe for that burn.


  10. anti virus says:

    shes stepin on the unconscious peoples faces again!

  11. Jack says:

    “Bitch, you’re asking for it.”


  12. Blade says:

    I swear if you turn me gay or bi I will hunt you down and kill you other than that this stuff is funny as shit

  13. ActinFishie says:

    love how dynamic this page was, also damn Meloetta throwing shade, go get that bitch Black!

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