Episode 07 Part 15

Next week, we move the story forward with the second gym battle-event-thing!

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65 Responses to Episode 07 Part 15

  1. anonymous says:

    Hahaha, Black’s such an ass. How cold do you have to be to make someone cry on their first Christmas?

  2. derp says:

    only you, Black. only you.
    p.s. N needs to be in a maid outfit again. or something equally as smashing. just sayin’.

  3. Manna says:

    > [Wild N Fled]

    Cheren be more moe now.

  4. Yow-ee says:

    This is why Black needs a Wobbuffet… or something with Shadow Tag… Don’t let that N get away!

  5. Omnis says:

    Black’s face… Incoming Hnnnng.

  6. ViDez says:

    Nooooo come back heeeere!

  7. Ophelia N says:

    AAAHHHH HIS FACE ;______; I giggled like a dork all the way through fff <33

  8. hilliean says:

    oh lord… if they did everything the girls wanted, it would have end into a tranny orgy or sumfin’.
    What a creepy crew. moar!

  9. Tumblr says:

    And I was already hoping for fanservice and such!
    (even if I never really believed this would happen in this comic, haha |D)

  10. i987456s says:

    \(0w0)/ I’m likin’ dat new look cheren

  11. Shadowfox says:

    SO CLOSE!!!! Oh well… White, ya need o get your sweet ass over there with Bel now. Or Bel and Cheren. Whichever works for y’all.

  12. rawkstarvienna says:

    noooooooooo! come back N, come back!

    Do it for White, Black!! *shipper*

    This was my favorite part. It wasn’t because of the Cheren-maid outfit. I swear.

    *giggles like a dork*

  13. Siv says:

    Oh Black is so mean…
    He only wants to unleash his dick

  14. Enny says:

    Black is doomed to be forever alone

  15. Shadowfox says:

    @Enny NO! He and N will be together. Together, they’ll be together. Together, forever, Black belongs to N.

  16. Finntroll says:

    Black + N = Rape is imminent

  17. Yami says:

    Oh N, you innocent little manchild.
    And catatonic Cheren.

  18. Ophelia says:


    …everyones faces. I8 I love all the faces. NGHHH

  19. Rainbows says:

    dem color pics. BE STILL, MY HEART.

  20. Shadowfox says:

    I just realized how evil White looks when she sees where they’re stand. *cough*yaoi fangirl *cough*.

  21. Stardust says:

    Pfft, XD
    I just started reading your series…And I have to say it’s one of the best manga there is. ;V;
    xDD “Wild N fled!”

  22. Setsuna says:

    Why did N flee? Is he afraid to admit his feeling yet? ha ha Black sort of excepted his unlikeness of N! <3

  23. Dianna says:


  24. Wildwalker says:

    I can’t help but comment. I started reading this last night, and I’ve just got to say how much I love this! :D N is my absolute favorite character from the Black and White games, but I love how Black’s picture looks. I love his picture more than N’s! It’s amazing! (I’ll probably be making a few other comments, but only rarely.)

  25. Diagnostics says:


  26. PikaMallows says:

    So….. close…… and why is Black such a…….. kill joy D:

  27. Reita93 says:

    Nooooo!! I want the KISS! You can’t joke with a girl’s heart!

  28. Hermia_Lucaria says:

    Wahahahahahhhahahahaha…Woo*fell of chair laughing*

  29. BEST… YAOI COMBACK…. EVARZ!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  30. tsuntsundere says:

    I love how Bel wants Cheren to watch.

  31. Tyrant says:

    Wild N? I wanna catch him!

  32. Loath says:

    N was looking down….

  33. anti virus says:

    i would drag Ns ass back there and force the to of them together! your on part 19 and it still hasn’t happened yet!

  34. demerots says:

    Didn’t realize we were chilling in the Safari Zone here.
    I’m gonna go ahead and reload my save state and try again. And again. And again.
    (N has catch rate of x0)
    And again. And again. And again.

  35. Shiny Zorua says:

    The last scene of this song reminds me of the last panel in this comic.

  36. BUSHWOOKIE18 says:

    BUSHWOOKIE18 approves of this.

  37. ….
    *drops to knees dramatically*

  38. WILD N FLED!

    Oh my goosh, that made me chuckle. XD

  39. Renae says:


  40. Akito says:

    Porque huistes N? PORQUE? !! ;A;!!!

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