Episode 07 Part 04

I wish I had dat penmanship ffff

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31 Responses to Episode 07 Part 04

  1. ViDez says:

    Oh boy! Christmas Special!

    Pff, Black. Forget White; focus on N fiiiirst… The nearer the due date the more important it is, durr.

    By the way, Merry Christmas~ <3

  2. Connor says:

    N has a beautiful handwriting.

  3. Rainbows says:

    ghaahh. Dat penmanship indeed.

  4. LemonLime~ says:

    I wish i could write like that :/

  5. Setsuna says:

    (I have no idea ow it happened but this comment is suppose to be on this page, but it ended up on the previous one, sorry)

    I wish I had N’s penmanship too. NO BLACK ONLY THINK ABOUT N’s GIFT! D:<

  6. Zovesta says:

    N is Near I KNEW IT.

  7. PKMN Trainer Red says:

    The sad thing is, i don’t think N knows how to use money

  8. TheMangaWitch says:


  9. Dianna says:

    Gaaahhhh, my new head-canon is THAT is how N writes his name.

  10. LyZeCy says:

    *looks at N’s writing*
    Knew he was Near. In disguise. And gay.

  11. Hen says:

    Guys, he only writes his name like that because everyone else is taking their time writing more than one letter.

  12. Suzana says:


  13. Kittenn says:

    I was gonna say “N’s name must be reeeeeally easy to write,” but now that i saw it I’m just like NEVER MIND LOL.

  14. Shadowfyst997 says:

    Lol, it looked like you were tring to do L and it worked.

  15. Christy says:

    lol deathnote. :D

  16. Reita93 says:

    Don’t think about White!! Think about that poor N ç_ç

  17. Hermia_Lucaria says:

    My guide to Christmas: Time to bust out the old arts-and-crafts set, spend all your money on one gift (yours/someone’s) and draw pictures/write cards/knit-sow dolls for everyone else :) Black, may i suggest making a Black: doll, card, and picture for N…
    ,=and /=or

  18. Vivian says:

    For some reason my mind automatically linked N to Near from Death Note when I saw his initial on the paper.

  19. I wish my pokemon would talk to me oAO

  20. Jack says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa! Everyone stop for a sec.

    N’s a boy?!

  21. Emily says:


  22. adrocks510 says:

    I’ve gotten addicted to this…
    Anyhow, the way N wrote his name made me think of Death Note…
    Yah know, Near?

  23. shy_mantine says:

    i wonder, can he write like this with all letters or just n?
    still, it’s the prettiest n i’ve ever seen

  24. Calligraphy is so pretty.

    I wonder how N learned that?

  25. NostalgicSparrow says:

    N’s writing is so pretty.

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