Episode 07 Part 02

Someone always loses at Secret Santa.

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12 Responses to Episode 07 Part 02

  1. Finntroll says:

    White elephant is what poeple lose at, I got stuck with a statue of a lady breast feeding a baby.

  2. Finntroll says:

    @ Black

    There’s a reason why Goodwill exists.

  3. Pow-la says:

    I member these….

  4. CHAOS_FANTAZY says:

    In before N got Black/vice versa.
    The awkward moment when you have to give your mortal enemy something they like…

  5. Awy says:

    Cheren is now starting to remind me of Kyoya from Ouran High School Host Club….

  6. Akito says:

    Me facina como dibujas los raramente largos brazos <3 xD

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