Episode 06 Part 15

Next up, some Christmas stuff.

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67 Responses to Episode 06 Part 15

  1. Bani says:


    N is jelly.

  2. Louise says:

    *Fist to crotch*

  3. ViDez says:

    N’s rage is building!

    N used FIST TO CROTCH!


    [Black’s Reproductive Organs] fainted!

    N gained 69 EXP.

  4. ShihFu says:

    Goddamn, Makomo’s face in the first panel made me lol so much.
    Good job with this, lady. N’s jelly nature is blossoming in more beautiful ways than one can imagine.

  5. Yami says:

    Oh N, you so tsundere.

  6. Sonny says:

    this is so great. xDDD

  7. zomnomnom says:

    Aww man I love your stuff.
    Can’t wait to see the end!
    Will there be eventually some more Cheren love? ;w;

    • Black says:

      At the pace I’m going, this’ll probably take over a year to end.
      I dunno if that’s a good thing or not…
      Cheren will be getting plenty of attention next week, actually.

  8. Ophelia N says:


  9. hilliean says:

    like Shihfu said. oh my.
    Black don’t look that much annoyed by N though…

  10. Shadowfox says:

    N’s expression changes every panel he’s in. Ghetto wonderful.

  11. Setsuna says:

    oh N, your jelly is out of control. Black totally doesn’t mind, look at that face. :D

  12. flyingchihuahua says:

    An Opponent to the throne of Black!

  13. flyingchihuahua says:

    Whoever loses, We win.

  14. Instrutilus says:

    Best damned page XDXD

  15. lord says:

    N used fist to crotch black fainted

  16. CoP says:

    Falcon Punch.

  17. Kohaku says:

    When I first read this, I thought it said “First to crotch”.
    Eather way, I love it.

  18. Kittycara says:

    This made me laugh out loud. That usually doesn’t happen. Thanks for making my day!

  19. Jonathan says:

    Don’t be discouraged. It’s OK to be straight.

  20. Nate River says:


  21. Airoshi says:

    XD BWAHAHAHAHA thats way too funny, i have to remember that next time some guy pisses me off. ah, this is too much. i don’t even play pokemon, but this is amazing. XD your comic makes me want to play it.

  22. Airoshi says:

    OMG!!! have you heard the song “Punch em in the dick” by Juicy Karkass? im listing to music and that song came on and i right away thought of this and started laughing. XD if you haven’t you should look it up.

  23. Shadowfyst997 says:


    And suddenly, Black is unable to have sex. Ever.

  24. Jessie says:

    FFFFFFFFF Black just got FALCON PUNCHED into oblivion XDD
    (i dont think he’s havin kids any time soon lmao)

  25. Suzana says:

    It’s so normal to have a chick with a munna that was hiding under your bed cause N to punch your crotch.
    well done, sir. Well done.

  26. Inumaru12 says:

    What N just did was a rather *puts on sunglasses* low blow.

  27. PikaMallows says:

    YES! Serves you right crotch. You’re dreaming about White, so unacceptable, right N!?!?

  28. Reita93 says:

    Oh god! Poor N XD

  29. Hermia_Lucaria says:

    Makomo…Fennel…Munna-Girl…Wanted: Stalking people and watching their dreams Reward: Good night’s rest…:D

  30. datawesome says:

    d’awww dreamin’ about Whiiite~

  31. tsuntsundere says:

    For someone who doesn’t know about sex, N still knows where to hit when guys dream about girls :O then again maybe he just knows what hurts.

  32. Lambo says:

    She was under their bed.

  33. samy says:

    so Ns gay right?

  34. Purple_the_awesome_person_that_is_awesome_and_will_PWN_you_wit_her_pokemans_XD says:

    Oh N~ 8D how u amuse me so DERP!!!

  35. Gray says:

    N in 5th panel= “Holy **** man what’s wrong!”

  36. A challenger has appeared!

  37. kimtan1999 says:

    I didn’t realize Fennel had a pervy face the whole time until now

  38. Gardevoir♂ says:

    I forgot how funny the first few panels were…
    Fennel’s face in the first panel had me rotfl-ing XD

  39. Chappy says:

    I miss my pink highlighter now :(

  40. Emily says:

    Rereading this, it makes me realize how awkward it is that black is dreaming about h-*spoiler*

  41. Tac-Cat says:

    Just started reading this recently, but it’s wonderfully brilliant. Goodness, N. XDDD

  42. thecinnabear says:

    Blacks Heterosexual?

  43. Renae says:

    Black deserved it. *Is brick’d*

  44. tornardus says:

    Her…Makomo’s infiniblush GLOWS IN THE DARK?

  45. I am so thankful that I’m female. ~w~

    Poor Black, though.

  46. Kurapikachu says:

    Awwww… poor black. N that was mean. (and funny)

  47. Soul says:

    I think Cheren and bel should be together

  48. EasterEggHunter says:

    I like the pink color effects

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