Episode 06 Part 13


They all look like girls ffff

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12 Responses to Episode 06 Part 13

  1. ShihFu says:

    Cheren looks like a lesbian. A stoic lesbian. Most excellent.

  2. Shadowfox says:

    Mmm… I’d hit all of ’em. Sexually. Maybe even accidentally them *shot*.

  3. Setsuna says:

    omg party line!! Like omg did you hear about those plasma grunts. Oh I know they are such jerks. lol. XD Damn those girls are hawt <3 lol.

  4. Hermia_Lucaria says:

    Running up phone bills XD

  5. Maical says:

    I like the atmosphere in this one, it’s all friendsome! :3 Yeah… that’s a word….

  6. Quinny says:

    Oh Cheren, why was your ‘Hey.’ so funny? You don’t waste words, do you.

  7. GameFreak98 says:

    Kay, has anyone else noticed that Cheren’s cowlick goes the opposite way than the other characters with them? (( Black, Ghetsis, ect.))

  8. Absol says:

    Black looks even girlier than White.

  9. Greener says:

    They all look like girls…
    Lesbian Cheren…


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