Episode 06 Part 11


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19 Responses to Episode 06 Part 11

  1. ShihFu says:

    Missingno is such a bro.

  2. Finntroll says:

    But wouldn’t there be much destruction?

  3. Shadowfox says:

    @Finntroll That’s bad?

  4. Finntroll says:


    Perhaps… But endless mayhem can be fun in the sun.

  5. Kuroneko90 says:

    did black not keep mew and psyduck? >.>

  6. Kuroneko90 says:

    i was hoping it to not be true ; A ;


  7. flyingchihuahua says:


    *slaps self*

  8. lord says:

    I wish my missingno form red did things like black’s

  9. Krista says:

    Berries fix EVERYTHING.

  10. Jonathan says:

    Damn it! Missingno should be a legendary!

  11. Suzana says:


  12. Pinky says:

    I don’t know if that Missingno sword in the 2nd panel was intentionally placed there or what, but I loled.

  13. Catywampus says:

    cause berries fix everything. they really do,

  14. Joy is the cutest sweetheart ever. :D

  15. NostalgicSparrow says:

    Missingno is brilliant xD

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