Episode 06 Part 07

Think what you like about this part;;;

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35 Responses to Episode 06 Part 07

  1. Shadowfox says:

    I was thinking he was dreaming about Black… I’m not dirty.

  2. Rickcha says:

    You may not be dirty, and I’m not dirty, but N, N is completely innocent, so someone else must be dirty, Hmmmmmmm? Who could that be?

  3. Shadowfox says:

    @Rickcha Makomo?

  4. Rickcha says:

    Shes the only one using a pokemon and one that can control dreams at that

  5. singie says:

    I though he was dreaming of Black too. And I still think he is, but in some other non-dirty way?

  6. Yami says:

    He’s probably dreaming about frolicking with Black in a field full of flowers.

  7. Setsuna says:

    ha ha I can see it them frolicking in a field of flowers,that would definitely make N happy and blush like that, especially if it was with Black! <3

  8. lord says:

    yeah i think he was dreaming of black

  9. guy says:

    That pillow is quite strategically placed if he’s dreaming of what I’m thinking he’s dreaming about.

  10. DuderSkanks says:

    Tea Party

  11. Shadowfyst997 says:

    *Facepalm* Oh, N.

  12. Jessie says:

    d’awwww N’s so cute when he’s dreaming ^^

  13. Clock-Stopping says:

    Oh my god this was totally N’s dream wasn’t it don’t lie:


  14. Jea says:


    Lol N

  15. Hermia_Lucaria says:

    ~Mm-hm Black wut a lovely dress~ ~Oh I dewwwww!~ ~I do, Black!~ ~Yaaaay!~ ~We’re gettin merried!~

    • Purple_the_awesome_person_that_is_awesome_and_will_PWN_you_wit_her_pokemans_XD says:

      He may either be dreamin bout that or somethin….dirty

  16. Jeff says:

    Tax cuts?

  17. Kat says:

    …. i dont think you want to see his dream .o.

  18. Jenisa says:

    The Hands! To face they stick!

  19. GameFreak98 says:

    Okay, you people may not be dirty but…
    I think he admires Pokemon…
    A little too much…

  20. Nick15 says:

    Trees are definitely involved in this dream…

  21. demerots says:

    What annoys me about your portrayal of Fennel is the incredible pseudo-science she seems to obsess over. I guess this is common among Pokemon professors, though.
    Also, I can’t see this and NOT think that Munna is essentially a narcotic.

  22. Lambo says:

    Blacks Gone Wild. That didn’t turn out like I imagined it..

  23. Purple_the_awesome_person_that_is_awesome_and_will_PWN_you_wit_her_pokemans_XD says:

    Mes think Ns dreamin bout somethin dirty

  24. Katie says:

    I BET she wants to see his dreams… I know I do. P;

  25. Richard says:

    ok. n is gay right? cause that means the hot girl likes gay guys

  26. Chappy says:

    He obviously has to pee :[

  27. Akito says:

    c’mon people all know N is dreaming about fuck Touya :B =3

  28. ActinFishie says:

    N is sheltered as fuck so i’d assume that he’s probably dreaming of holding Black’s hand or hell just spending time together with pokémon

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