Episode 05 Part 12


My friend insisted I use that background again.

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19 Responses to Episode 05 Part 12

  1. ShihFu says:

    Whatever possed that poor creature. Possessed?
    And you’re welcome for that background decision.

  2. hilliean says:

    your friend… your friend, or… your friend?
    well eh, just asking…
    that would explain some things in a way.
    (I think this post will be deleted.)

  3. hilliean says:

    I’m suddendly feeling stupid.
    apologizes… please don’t mind, it was 2 A.M when I posted. I don’t care.

    and I still want MOAR.
    (so bad the story is spoilering the game, but I’ll have to deal with it :/)

  4. Shadowfox says:

    @hilliean, this isn’t EXACTLY like the game. You do actually battle them.

  5. Rickcha says:

    I wish this was the actual game instead

  6. Finntroll says:

    Quantum physics explains life, the universe, and everything.


  7. Setsuna says:

    Love that background, Quantum Physics explains everything XD

  8. DuderSkanks says:


  9. SarKatsam says:

    Okay, I have reread this comic a bajillion times and some thing just occurred to me……..If the gun was N’s panties but it turns back into the sponge now…….Does that mean that N is going commando through the entire comic?

  10. Lambo says:

    Panty Stocking! Panty panty stocking yo~ That’s the music that plays when Black gets a badge.

  11. Shiny Zorua says:

    I referenced this in my Rewrite of Pokemon Live.

  12. I would pay for a Pokemon Hack of this comic.

  13. PurpleFox says:

    If N still annoys you I’ll take him off your hands ^.^
    Not creepy like, I’m stroking his head and going “You will never leave me.” Or anything…Ha ha ha….Btw this comic is awesome I just started reading today and I hate reading so well done sir *Slow claps* Well done!

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