Episode 03 Part 09

First, asphyxiation in maid outfit. Now, unconscious in torn maid outfit.  Oh Black, you so kinky.

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23 Responses to Episode 03 Part 09

  1. Setsuna says:

    oh no tentacles XD ha ha Poor Black hee hee he is beautiful! I wonder what Pokemon it will be? : )

  2. White says:

    Lolz everyone just looks completely un-fazed by the fact that they are lifted into the air with a bunch of desu :S

  3. edoga-94 says:

    Whos that pokemon!

  4. PKMN Trainer Red says:

    God why have i not been here before. these comics are the best I’ve read in a long time

  5. LemonLime~ says:

    I named my yamask DESU in honor of these creepyass yamasks XD

  6. Demerots says:

    This arc is are make happy I.

  7. CreYosKip382 says:

    “bring me the beautiful ones” and those were Black and N XD

  8. Haii says:

    That reminded me of rape… a sexy rape because black and N are in /sexy/ maid suits.
    I agree with the last panel.. “bring me the beautiful ones” in my head “bring me the sexy ones” okaii im liek done

  9. Fenrir says:

    I love how Cheren is just ‘fml’ in the second last panel.

  10. skipalo says:


  11. Laie says:

    Oh, beautiful, desu.

    This can only end well, desu.

    God, I’m even annoying myself with this, desu.

  12. Suzana says:


  13. Awy says:

    OnO In my mind, the pokeball was there to give Black a chest

  14. Marisa says:


  15. Liz wuz Here says:

    Wait, I just noticed…
    Why did Black have a pokeball in his sleeve???

  16. MyuuTheMew says:

    Why can I imagne when being told to bring the pretty ones that the first four yamasks say, ‘ I got a pretty one’ and then the last one holding Cheren saying, ‘ I got a rock…’

  17. Black is in a French Maid Outfit, Sleeve torn a bit to show arm and bit of chest and is being taken hostage by Ghost Pokemon to their Boss as a sort of tribute… and I thought you said this wasn’t French Pornography!? XD XD XD

    joke great comic dude :D

  18. Genosect says:

    I has seen enough hentai…

  19. Candle says:


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