Episode 03 Part 06

Black knows how to play it cool.

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27 Responses to Episode 03 Part 06

  1. Rickcha says:

    Cheren is a Dick

  2. Chase says:

    Bwhaha, I love Cheren xD

  3. edoga-94 says:

    Like the look on chern’s face. :D

  4. Pecan says:

    …Is Cheren dressed as Miles Edgeworth?

  5. Trixa says:

    Is it just me, or is N gently grazing Black’s skirt-clad bumbum in panels 3 and 4?

  6. Demerots says:

    Cheren reminds me quite a bit of me. He even has the black hair, glasses, and obnoxiousness.

  7. Xander says:

    Release bunch of Ghost pokemon all over the place? omg lol halloween in the pokemon world is Awesome! 8’D

  8. Miki says:


  9. Suzana says:

    OH, N.

  10. PikaMallows says:

    Cheren just killed a yuri moment.
    Noooo D:

  11. Jenna Terada says:

    the best thing is cheren totally has a rape face in game.

  12. Marisa says:

    Cheren’s face in the second panel is PURE WIN

  13. Lambo says:

    Cheren’s face and douchebagginess. And Bel’s comment. Oh Bel. Your wish will be fulfilled soon enough.

  14. Chappy says:

    Is it sad that I kept thinking “darn it i dont think the person scanned this page right, they’re gettind darker by the panels” and then took 3secs after reading the last panel to get it all? o-o;
    Also i love how Cheren’s face could be that way cuz of either what Bel said or cuz of seeing Black xD

  15. arkriss says:

    cheren’s thoughts in second panel: not sure i want..

  16. Darkari says:

    Not Shure if Cheren’s face is because of Black or Bel. Priceless either way.
    I have also created a team of Pokémon from this comic. It is the most Bad@$$ team in the world. Moderate hacking necessary.

  17. Hans Gunsche says:

    I need to make a reaction picture out of Cheren’s face in the 2nd panel for Tumblr. It’s perfect.

  18. sylveonimbus says:

    Cheren’s face in the second panel deserves its own meme. Priceless.

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