Episode 03 Part 03

This can only go well.

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12 Responses to Episode 03 Part 03

  1. takashid says:

    lol N’s faces are so awesome.

  2. Xander says:

    lol N’s face in the second panel! XDD

  3. Emily says:

    I like N in the corner of the 1st panel xD

  4. Marisa says:

    N’s face in the third panel reminds me of the lumpy space princess from adventure time

  5. Serperior says:

    I just noticed that the icon for this website is N in the second panel. XP

  6. >White used rejection
    >It’s super effective
    >White ran away
    >Wild N appeared
    >N used fake tears
    >Black gave in
    >Purple used derp 8D

  7. Marceline says:

    Holy Fruitcakes! Is that joke from that pokemon comic with Paul and Barry? That’s so awesome! XD

  8. Sophie says:

    N’s hilarious in this! And after reading I don’t know how many things, I’ve only just noticed you didn’t draw N’s cube! I’m slow…

  9. Akito says:

    ÓWÓ amo tus mini comics x3

  10. Aurora says:

    I love how N just appears in the bottom corner and makes Black almost pee himself! >U< Ninja N!

  11. Syrika says:

    Futurama reference. Thought I’d point that out since no one else has.

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