Episode 02 Part 08

Suddenly, quality!

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13 Responses to Episode 02 Part 08

  1. NOBBLES says:

    OOOOOOH, they just got served by the president.

  2. Ragnarok says:

    It be really cool if I could double battle Churchill and Eisenhower with my dream team.

  3. meepdood says:

    Black, N, how u b so secksi so sudden?

  4. fudge_knows says:

    I named my Victini Winston after Churchill … o.o

  5. oh lul, “far-fig-herp-a-derp”. that is why i always go to this section!

  6. 4th panel:N still looks hot, too bad hes Black’s fag XD

  7. Pikalee says:

    Re-reading. This is extremely funny when listening to Party Rock Anthem.

  8. wolfenpilot687 says:

    I named my Emboar Winston after Churchill on Black 2.

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