Thank you!


I still have a couple other things planned for BA, like drawing N and explaining why Black gets weird around Arti! Ebony Adventures is still a maybe. Xavier Adventures will be short comics instead of a long-running one. I’m considering making it something like an ask blog on tumblr, but I still wanna use this site since I pay for it! So what I’ll probably do is upload stuff here first. Unfortunately I’m busy and it’s also con season, so updates will be hella slow til like July. I have a table at Fanime and AX, so if you’re going, say hi!

Once again, thank you! I’ll respond to comments more now since updates will be sparse.

Oh and just for fun, what was your favorite outfit that Black wore? Mine is Mew from Jet Set Radio (eps 10-11)

Also, my storenvy is now open and the print above is free with any poster purcase-you just gotta say you want it at checkout!

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