Oh man I didn’t expect to go on hiatus because I was a fool and thought I could still work on this at the same time as another comic. I’m waaay behind where I wanted to be, but at least I finished a P4 comic (I know someone was wondering if I played this, and I co-run an SMT blog, so yes haha) in time for ALA. I’m still prepping for ALA though, which is Jan 9-11, so it’ll still be a while til I update. I also have Persona Q and my real job keeping me busy whoops BUT AFTER ALA I WILL BUST MY ASS OFF TO GET WHERE I WANTED TO BE ON XYVENTURES

copypasta from my other tumblr:

Last year I learned how terrible I am at working on multiple projects at once and I still keep on doing convention stuff last minute AND I REALLY HOPE TO FIX THAT I DON’T THINK MY HANDS WERE MADE TO DRAW 12+ HOURS A DAY;;;

For 2015, I hope to get XYVENTURES back on track so it’s not another 3000 years until AZ shows up. I also wanna make time to do other physically printed comics because that’s really satisfying. Personasama and I are already planning more SMT and an ORAS comic for summer cons! And if I get into Ycon, I’ll be obligated to do a hard gay comic on my own, haha. So my goals for the year include:

-Try harder to keep a schedule


-Draw more. Like, A LOT MORE.

-Travel more (at least to out of state cons; cousins want me to go to mexico but we’ll see how that goes;; )

-Buy a bike

-Relearn how to ride a bike

-Become Onoda Sakamichi

Also, hope everyone has a happy new year!

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