In Monochrome [part 1] by Pyrosprite

Rated: PG // N, Black

Pressure by Xalts

Rated: PG // N, Black

I’m Sorry by Ombreon

Rated: PG // Elesa, Arti

FRILLS. by Lilikoi

Rated: NC-17 // N x Black

Third Time Does The Trick by XxR10T-StaRxX

Rated: PG // Black x N

I Can’t Get Close To You by XxR10T-StaRxX

Rated: PG // Kcalb/Black x N

Ghosts (drabble) by Lilikoi

Rated: G // N x Black

Quiet (drabble) by Lilikoi

Rated: G // Black x N

Joy to the World by shadowfox

Rated: PG // Jesus x Joy

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