Black Adventures originally started on 4chan’s /vp/ board. I posted an introductory image, and posts ending in doubles chose what I would draw next.  I suppose these are called adventure threads, and drawfags such as myself are adventurefags. My adventure was far from the first, though. In fact, I was inspired by a Morty and Gastly adventure, of which I currently don’t have links to.

By the grace of some internet god, the first Black Adventures didn’t turn out full of rape and horrible fetishes and more rape. It was a close call, though. The second Black Adventures proved to be a success as well, and anons persuaded/inspired me to turn it into a webcomic, and thus this site was born. I now have considerably more control of the comic, and the general response to that was imokaywiththis.jpg

I’ve never completed a whole comic before… Wish me luck!

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